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12 Ways Managed Services Companies Can Help You

12 Ways Managed Services Companies Can Help You

Managed services providers (MSPs) offer 24/7 support for your entire IT infrastructure: software, hardware, and configurations. These services are remotely monitored and managed in order to keep a pulse on your IT environment at all times.

By constantly tracking the status of your hardware, software, and network, MSPs can provide predictive reporting and analysis to identify issues and resolve them before they create serious problems for your business. This gives you a faster, more reliable, more secure IT environment—at a fraction of the expense of hiring your own employees.

4 Critical Functions of an IT Help Desk

Help Desk

When a system user has a question, the IT help desk technicians are one of the first to respond. Help desks have evolved in the recent years allowing remote technicians to provide services equal to those provided by an on-site technician. Help desks assist users with system difficulties and are usually managed through a ticketing system. Here are four critical functions that every IT help desk should offer. 

1. Optimizing Downtime

Are Managed Services Providers the New CIOs?


The role of the chief information officer (CIO) is changing in response to the growing digitalization of companies large and small. Without a competent, capable, and knowledgeable CIO — determined by the standards of today and tomorrow — business executives can find themselves struggling to optimize their IT spend and infrastructure in ways that best align with and enable business objectives.

The CIO’s role

Managed Print Services

Nauticon can service and support over 1,000+ different models of printers for our clients. 

Most of today’s businesses rely heavily on paper. What this means, ultimately, is that most businesses are overspending when it comes to print-related costs.

Managed Print Services gives you control over your entire print environment and helps you reduce print-related costs by up to 40%. Plus, you’ll see a big boost in productivity, less downtime, and fewer headaches.

Cloud Services

Today’s business relies more and more on cloud technology. Not only is it necessary in many cases, it actually can greatly improve productivity and reduce overall costs.

Some of the perks of using cloud services include:

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Technology and digital information are more essential than ever in running a business – but for small companies, it can be difficult (and costly) to build, manage, and support your IT in-house. At Nauticon, we understand the challenges you face and can help you improve your IT with affordable consulting and support services. We’ll help your business save time and money while providing you with excellent support along the way.

Network Administration

Monitoring and managing your network is a big job, and it’s an important one. With constant cyber threats, software to update, and numerous devices to manage, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the demands of even a small network environment.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone. At Nauticon, we offer comprehensive network administration that covers your entire network and all your IT concerns. With this service, our customers enjoy:

Managed Services

At Nauticon, we're moving far beyond the box. Our people bring innovative, real-world solutions for all your office needs. We'll help you cut costs, secure your documents, and reduce your environmental footprint. And if there's one thing every business and our planet could use right now, it's managing to do more with less.

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