Help Desk

4 Critical Functions of an IT Help Desk

Help Desk

When a system user has a question, the IT help desk technicians are one of the first to respond. Help desks have evolved in the recent years allowing remote technicians to provide services equal to those provided by an on-site technician. Help desks assist users with system difficulties and are usually managed through a ticketing system. Here are four critical functions that every IT help desk should offer. 

1. Optimizing Downtime

Understanding the Managed IT Services Model and Why It Works

IT Works

With adoption rates of managed IT services continuing to increase, we wanted to take a deeper look inside this popular service model and explain what it is, why it works, what the primary benefits are and who it can work for.

What is Managed IT Service?

First things first, let’s talk about what having “Managed IT Services” really means.  Because while we call it by that industry term, you may just call it "our IT guys", or "the computer service team", "tech support", or "HELP!"

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