We love our customers! And, they love us back! Here’s what some of our customers are saying:

"If you are looking for a company to invest in you and lead you through all the necessary steps, you would be mistaken not to go with Nauticon and Toshiba."

Navy Federal Credit Union

“The delivery was fantastic.  They made it so easy to schedule it based on what we do here.”  “One of the other things about Nauticon that we enjoy is that if something goes wrong with the copier, we simply pick up the phone and we call someone.  We don’t have to worry about a recording, we get a live person.  I can’t say enough about Nauticon and the team there.  They’ve been great.  They’ve helped us from beginning to end.  So far, we love them, and we look forward to continuing that partnership in the future.”

Non-Profit Support Organization

"They've been consistent.  It's been like that ever since day one, ever since that install day.  They are quick to answer the phone.  They are quick to respond to my emails.  Everything has been running smooth.  Been really great.  We're excited to move forward with Nauticon.  We'll keep going."  

Not-For-Profit Technical and Educational Organization

"After a disastrous year long contract with a different IT company, Nauticon saved our offices from the complexities and frustrations that evolving technology can bring."

Traffic Control Devices

"Nauticon has not only provided the best customer service dealing with minor issues that arise, but their pro-active approach helps to minimize potential headaches and downtime caused by malfunctioning equipment and/or out dated software/programs."

Interior Remodeling Company

"I would say to anyone who is considering a relationship with Nauticon: Give them a very serious look. If you agree to bring them on, you’ll be extremely pleased with the level of service you get, the response to any issues you may have. I would strongly recommend Nauticon to anyone."

Public Employees Union

"I worked previously at a Fortune 500 company with an internal IT team, and they pale in comparison to the service we’ve gotten from Nauticon. Nauticon has been by our side from day one."

Real Estate Firm

"I feel like they were able to give us a solution that wouldn’t break our budget, and that would meet all the needs that we currently have and anything in the future that we might come up with. I think we have a lot of flexibility and I’m excited about what the future holds for us. I would definitely recommend Nauticon."

Commercial Construction

"They back up what they say. They are just an incredible service organization, and this includes not only the D.C. metro area, but this includes all of our offices nation-wide."

IT and Engineering Solutions

"Over the course of 11 years, anytime I’ve had an issue with a copier, I can make one phone call and I’ve been guaranteed to have service brought out same-day. I’ve been very happy with them and I will continue on with Nauticon. They have been outstanding for me and our company."

Builders & Contractors