Public Employees Union

Represents about 8,000 public employees and is a Nauticon customer of 20 years. 

“The reason we continue to do business with Nauticon is they have always been very sensitive to our needs. And, they make sure we have reliable equipment, but more importantly, backed up by an absolutely top-notch service department. It’s critical to getting our work done. From time to time machines do go down because of the high volume of work and the stress that we put on them, and it all it takes is quick call to servicing. They show up almost immediately, get the equipment back on line, and get us operational. I would say to anyone who is considering a relationship with Nauticon: Give them a very serious look. If you agree to bring them on, you’ll be extremely pleased with the level of service you get, the response to any issues you may have. I would strongly recommend Nauticon to anyone.”