Cloud Services

Man Using Cloud Services

Today’s business relies more and more on cloud technology. Not only is it necessary in many cases, it actually can greatly improve productivity and reduce overall costs.

Some of the perks of using cloud services include:

  • Increased mobility and remote access
  • Easier collaboration across devices, in and out of the office
  • Higher efficiency, thanks to an easy to use interface and intuitive searches
  • Better security and more control over access
  • Reduction in hardware purchase and maintenance costs

At Nauticon, we offer Cloud Services that cover a range of uses and needs. Here are a few.

Hosted Infrastructure

  • Server hosting in a secure data center with 99.999% uptime
  • Remote desktop and VPN solutions for remote access
  • Regular data backups included
  • Cloud-based firewalls available for enhanced network protection

Office 365

  • Productivity suites including email, calendars, file-sharing, instant messaging, intranet sites, email archiving, Microsoft Office, and more
  • No matter what your office is looking to accomplish, there is likely an Office 365 plan that will meet your needs (and your budget)!


  • Superior, reliable, simple service with full redundancy
  • 80+ premium features included
  • Savings of up to 50% on your monthly telecom costs

Cloud Backups

  • File-level and image-based data backups to an off-site data center
  • Quickly retrieve deleted or corrupted files

Cloud Storage

  • Holds scanned documents and utilizes OCR technology for capture
  • Grabs or sends emailed documents directly to and from the cloud

Cloud Printing

  • Print from anywhere, anytime
  • Keep documents secure by utilizing a code to release

Cloud Services from Nauticon are just one piece of the Managed Services we offer with you in mind. No matter what your technology vision is, Cloud Services might be able to help you achieve it.

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