Looking for IaaS? Get help with Managed IT Infrastructure Services

infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

If you're looking for infrastructure as a service (IaaS), one of the easiest ways to make that transition is through a managed IT infrastructure service. A managed service provider will be able to get your organization started right away -- but first, let's discuss what IaaS is and its advantages.

What Is Infrastructure as a Service?

What is a vCIO?


Technology has become integral to running nearly every business. As companies grow, they eventually need someone to manage that technology. Above and beyond mere maintenance of technology, businesses need a person to be responsible for driving the business forward utilizing new technologies and for streamlining the company’s existing systems and processes. Inevitably, someone in the company will fall into this role, usually the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), CEO (Chief Executive Officer), or a business owner.

Protect Yourself with Multi-Factor Authentication

The internet is an incredible resource, but it can also be a very scary place.

Cyber attacks have become so numerous and devastating in recent years that they make news headlines almost daily. Although your business may be aware of these attacks, are you doing all you can to avoid becoming a hacker’s next victim?

Your password alone may not keep your accounts and data secure.

8 Cyber Security Blind Spots that Could Cost SMBs Big

No entity, no matter the size, can afford cyber security blind spots. Hackers have gone after major cities like Baltimore and they’ve hit places the average person is less familiar with, like Lake City, FL. Despite the risks, many small-to-midsized municipalities, businesses, etc. count on their size to keep them safe, leaving dangerous security gaps open in the process.

Why Phishing Campaigns Succeed – And How to Fight Back

Phishing image

Nearly all of the email-based threats like phishing are totally harmless in and of themselves. In order to become dangerous, they require some type of user interaction, whether that’s clicking on a link, opening an attachment, etc. Yet, email remains a highly popular and lucrative attack vector. In fact, phishing ranks as the leading cause of data breaches. What do these two things tell us? Cybercriminals have gotten very good at getting users to interact with compromised messages.


Tech Terminology: The Dark Web

The Dark Web

Deep web and dark web. What’s the difference? Perhaps you’ve been using these words interchangeably. The dark web has a reputation for being the most toxic place on the internet, and for quite a few good reasons. Today we will dive deep into the dark web and why this reputation has been formed.

What Is the Deep Web?

Why Adopting Standardized IT Solutions for Small and Medium Business Can Save You Money

Standardized IT Solutions

Standardization can often be a bone of contention with clients. They want innovation and flexibility. Standardizing IT solutions for small and medium business, makes them feel as if they are settling for something less than stellar.

What many businesses fail to realize, however, is that standardized IT solutions, can create innovation, save time, and save money, all of which are particularly important to SMBs who often need to maximize limited resources.

How To Find The Best Copier Companies Near Me | Washington DC

Best Copier Companies Near Me

Selecting the right copier company should not just be about who proposes the lowest price.   Research shows that there are three basic considerations for acquiring office automation equipment.

They are:        


Whether you searched Google for a “copier company near me” or are just looking for someone that can manage and service your entire fleet, you want to make sure the company you choose is the best fit.

Company Philosophy

4 Important Lessons from the Windows 7 End of Life

Time is running out

On January 14, 2020, Microsoft will end its extended support for Windows 7 — and the Windows 7 lifecycle will officially come to an end. Microsoft has already discontinued its mainstream support of the beloved operating system, ceasing active updates and new service packs. But the end of extended support means there will also be no further bug or security updates available: Any newly discovered vulnerabilities will stay vulnerable.


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