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Washington Metro copier dealers

Selecting the right copier dealer in the Washington DC metro area can be overwhelming.  After all, you’re most likely going to lease that device for the next three to five years.  Picking the best copier dealer for your business can improve how your company operates.

Here are a few factors to consider before making your final decision. 


Toshiba Copier Reviews

Toshiba has totally changed the design, look and feel of their professional copier line.  All the new machines come in an attractive anthracite (dark grey), which has been a welcomed change.

The ten color models perform at speeds from 20 to 75 pages-per-minute while the nine black & white models run from 25 to 85 pages-per-minute.  A model is available to fit every business environment. 

3 Ways That Technology Has Changed the Workplace

Technological advances has dramatically changed the way we do business. Devices such as tablets, multifunction copiers and cloud sharing solutions are essential in the ever changing workplace. Offices in today’s business world are transmitting information by e-mail and teleconferencing instead of face-to-face meetings. Technology plays an important role in the ever changing business environment.

Leasing A Copier in Maryland | Your Guide

Leasing A Copier in Maryland | Your Guide

Your purchase decision will depend on a few basic factors. First, let's break down the key features of digital copiers to help you with your comparison of different makes and models.

They include:

Digital copiers are capable of printing anywhere from 20 pages-per-minute for basic needs up to 85 pages-per-minute with larger-volume console models. Faster warm-up and first copy out speeds have also improved.

Digital Office | Converting to a Paperless Environment

Digital Office | Converting to a Paperless Environment

Would your office be able to adapt to a paperless environment? Would it be possible for you to reduce the amount of prints your office generates by 50%? Studies have shown that more than 80% of small/mid-size businesses want to cut paper out of their workflow. However, office workers in the US still generate approximately two pounds of paper every day(1). At this rate, the thought of a paperless environment will be nothing but a fading dream.

2017 Business Trends | Office Technology

2017 Business Trends | Office Technology

The digital workplace has reshaped how we conduct business. As technology continues to develop, transforming the way you process documents will require careful planning and teamwork from every department. A digital work environment with the inclusion of cloud computing and smart devices has redirected the path of the contemporary business.


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