Downtime is expensive. It can hurt your credibility and take time away from essential business tasks. Remote monitoring and remediation and help desk services significantly reduce the chances of downtime by monitoring the health of your servers, workstations, and other technology assets. In addition, whenever possible, they proactively fix problems before they occur.

Help Desk

A help desk is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with computers or software products. Located in Cedar Rapids, IA, our help desk is staffed during normal business hours with support engineers credentialed with current CompTIA®, Microsoft®, HP®, and Cisco® certifications. They are guided by customer service principles that put you at the center of their universe.

Our support engineers have been selected for their ability to listen and understand issues and arrive at a solution that puts you back on track as quickly as possible. Each month, you receive activity reports that explain your use of help desk resources, which can serve as an invaluable guide for process improvements to help you run more efficiently.

The main functions of the Help Desk are as follows:

• Respond to requests for technical assistance via phone or email
• Diagnose and resolve technical hardware and software issues
• Research questions using available information resources
• Advise user on appropriate action
• Log all help desk interactions
• Identify and escalate situations requiring urgent attention
• Stay current with system information, changes and updates