Web Security

Wherever there’s a web connection, there’s risk of infection. Infection can put your critical business information at risk, slow down your network, and impose costly PC repairs. You can protect yourself from web-based threats such as spyware, viruses, and phishing attacks, and gain control over unauthorized workplace Internet usage.

Our security solution will help you:
  • Protect your entire network, including remote users, from data theft
  • Reduce business disruption
  • Lower IT costs associated with infected PCs
  • Enforce internet usage policies
  • Increase network capacity by limiting on-the-job surfing and blocking unauthorized bandwidth-intensive downloads
  • Limit corporate liability due to employee access to inappropriate content

This security solution can also help you control and monitor unproductive browsing activity in the workplace. Website filtering plans can:

  • Improve bandwidth by limiting access to unauthorized sites
  • Increase employee productivity
E-mail Security

Until there’s a way to eliminate spammers and virus creators altogether, you have to deal with email attacks. Our malware protection guards against viruses, spam, spyware, and email threats. This reduces the time you spend on filtering and improves your productivity by getting rid of threats before they reach the desktops of your workforce.

Our e-mail security plan can include:
  • Email Filtering and Spam Quarantine Reporting – A simple way to block suspicious email and look at email activity
  • Message continuity – Web-based email access and back-up system if your mail server goes down
  • Message archiving – Email storage, organization and protection up to 7 years
  • Outbound filtering – Protection of business communications
Email Filtering and Spam Quarantine Reporting

Companies are spending more time and money managing and fixing email problems than ever before. Our email defense feature provides a multi-layer defense with more than 20 separate filters that wipe out more than 99.97% of spam, viruses, worms and harmful content and attachments before they reach your network. This system is continually updated to protect against the latest threats. When the system recognizes something as spam, it will be quarantined, and an email will automatically be sent to the recipient’s mailbox informing them of the quarantine. They can visit the site and indicate whether they would like the message denied, allowed, or always allowed.

spam screenshot
Spam now accounts for more than 85% of all email traffic --SANS Institute






Message Continuity

Disruption of the email server can be detrimental to any business. Message continuity is an automated recovery service that enables web-based email access, management, and use during outages. You no longer have to lose email when your network goes down.

When an outage is detected, a fully functional and secure web interface is automatically deployed so employees can go about their tasks with no disruption. We provide up to 60 days of storage in case your system is down for a long period of time. Once service is restored, all activity that occurred during the outage is synchronized with your email, and any necessary system updates will deploy automatically.

Message Archiving

Management of electronic communications has become a hot topic as email volumes rise. Regulatory requirements from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory entities as well as legal issues have prompted many businesses to ensure they are able to monitor, store, and retrieve email messages.

Our solution offers the following key features:
Search and retrieval
  • You have the ability to create searches based on keywords in message and attachment content, sender, recipient, date range and message size. Multiple searches can be performed at once and saved for future use. For retrieval purposes, all end users have access to their personal archive.
  • Regulatory and workplace compliance
  • Emails will be copied, verified, and stored in a tamper-proof environment. All emails are coded with a unique number to ensure they are not tampered with or deleted. Automatic quality verification ensures stored messages are identical to the original. This solution is regulation and workplace compliant.
Alternative data storage

Message archiving acts as a supplement to your existing backup system and allows for quicker restoration than a tape backup. Pre-existing data, messages and calendar items can be stored here to free up server space and improve performance. As an independent, hosted solution, you are able to upgrade your email server or change your backup software without affecting data in the archive.

Outbound Filtering

Attachments and content that do not follow compliance can get your email server blacklisted and shut down in minutes-- damage that can take days to correct. Outbound email filtering scans for damaging viruses, content, and attachments and cleans them up before they leave your network. This tool also gives you the ability to prevent the distribution of company-sensitive information and enforce a company-wide disclaimer on all outgoing messages.