Disaster Recovery/Back up

If the Unthinkable Happens, Is Your Essential Data Safe?

If a natural disaster destroyed your office or your crucial data lost due to a system breakdown, how would you recover? Would you still have access to the vital information and IT infrastructure that function as the framework of your company? Print+IT Solutions offers complete data brackup and recovery services to protect small and medium-sized business in the greater DC-Baltimore Metro areas from incidents like these.

We offera secure way to protect your critical data from loss due to hackers, worker theft, system failure, and natural disasters. Our experts will work with you to examine your needs and design a solution tailored specifically to your business' IT needs and budget.

Print+IT Solutions' data backup and recovery products include:
  • Secure protection from viruses and unauthorized access.
  • Simple accessibility to your business data during the course of the day, every day.
  • Automated backups of your business data during the course of the day, every day.
  • An offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that can be used as a replacement within moments in the event of a disaster or crisis
  • Uncomplicated monthly invoicing for your data protection solutions - with no added expenses for hardware or software.

If a fire, flood or other disaster damaged your office, having on-site data backup and recovery equipment wouldn't be enough. While a scenario like this will hopefully never arise, there are lots of other threats, including network and software application failures, which could require days to repair.

Without data access, you wouldn't be able to complete orders, make contact with your clients, or work with vendors - and getting new leads and sales would be practically impossible. How long would you be able to put things on hold? Could your business function at all?

Contact our IT specialists at Print+IT Solutions today to find out more about how we can help develop the best protection solution for your company.