Copiers | Do I Need A Service Contract?


A few months ago, a new client decided against having a service contract for his new Toshiba copier.  He viewed the cost as an unnecessary expense and was convinced that with the help of the Internet, he would easily be able to repair any issues that would arise.  He mentioned that he would simply call a service technician for any issues that he couldn't repair.  Do you think that this person made the right decision for his business?  I would normally list both the pros and cons, however in this case, there are only cons.

Why is it GOOD idea to have a service contract for your office copier?

Repair time: Sometimes a service call may require a technician to be on location for 3-hours or more.  If you're attempting to repair the issue yourself, the copier will most likely be out of service for an extended period of time.  Possibly for days!  How much time will you waste researching the problem?  Technology is always changing and professional technicians earn their certifications by attending factory training programs.  A skilled technician will have you up and running with little down-time. 

Cost: Even if you find a reputable online supply company, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on toner and repair parts.   On a color copier you have 4 separate toner cartridges all of which retail for nearly $200.00 each, 4 separate drum units that also retail for approximately $200.00 each and separate developer units that all cost approximately $600.00 each.  You also need to calculate how much your time is worth. Doing it yourself is expensive and time consuming.

If you decide to forgo a service contract and call a copier repair technician, you'll have to pay full price for toner/parts and high labor charges.          

What is included in a copier service contract?

In most cases, the cost of parts, labor and preventative maintenance are included in a service plan. These parts might include replacing items that wear or break over time, such as fuser rollers and gears.  Toner is also included in your service agreement.  Basically, a service contract includes everything with the exception of paper and staples.

In every case, it makes sense to have a copier service contract.  Nauticon Office Solutions in Gaithersburg has earned a 94% customer satisfaction rate (source: Net Promoter Score) and guarantees a quick 2-4 hour response time.  Each factory trained technician has $10,000 worth of parts in their vehicle which in most cases results in same-day repairs.  

Nauticon Office Solutions earned a 94% customer satisfaction rating by Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Isn't it time that you expect more from your copier dealer?